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ethan merturi ct insurance agent
Ethan Merturi

Born and raised in Meriden, CT. Ethan spent most of his time in school, attending Wilcox Technical High School, and the rest of his time working different jobs. Whether it was the paper route boy, a trainer at baseball camp, or a Certified Nurses Aide, he was raised by his parents to always spend the time he wasn’t in school working hard to earn his own. He played baseball, basketball, and football in high school, earning his way to Captain by his senior year.

Ethan took that same work ethic to the University of Connecticut, Storrs, in the year 2014. He started out washing dishes at the dining hall he ate at on campus for work, as he realized medical school might not be the route for him these next 6-8 years, he needed to find a new path. He applied and accepted a college internship that taught the basics of Business, from prospecting/marketing all the way to project management. He quickly learned about the home improvement industry and built trust with homeowners around the state of Connecticut. He was able to become a top performer in his first two years, earning his way to the President’s Club in the company back-to-back years. He then moved on to a management role, leading his teams to success as well. His young career total business projects he led or helped lead from start to completion is over $800,000 within the areas of interior/exterior house painting, cabinetry, stonework, masonry, roofing, siding, and gutters. 

After a few different corporate business decisions positions, he met Joe, heard Joe’s story on why he started Ironhawk Financial, and decided to join him in his journey to help people protect their businesses and families. Ethan worked closely with many home and business owners in the home improvement industry and understood how important it was for them to have a plan in place to be able to protect their loved ones in case anything were to happen to them.