Joseph Lombardi

Joseph Lombardi

Managing Director

“I feel successful when leaving a meeting knowing that I improved a family or small business owner’s financial situation. My work helps protect the family and their children should the unpredictable happen.”

About Ironhawk Financial

Empowering Your Financial Journey with Expert Advice & Unmatched Service

Joseph’s mission is simple: he wants to help you secure a financially stable future for your family or business. He’s dedicated to offering personalized financial solutions designed specifically for your needs and goals. Plus, he’ll keep an eye on your progress, ensuring you stay on track toward achieving those goals throughout your life.

Joseph chose a career in financial services because of a personal tragedy. His father, once a successful construction business owner, lost a $15 million company due to an accident. This not only led to a physical disability but also caused severe financial difficulties. From this experience, Joseph learned the importance of protecting assets. He now teaches those in the contracting business how to safeguard their wealth, focusing on income protection through disability income insurance and long-term care insurance. He also assists small business owners and young families in growing their assets over time with life insurance and various investment options.

Working closely with both individuals and small business owners, Joseph uses insurance and buy/sell agreements to defend assets against unexpected events. By examining insurance and investment costs, he finds ways to reduce expenses while keeping benefits intact. Often, his clients know what they want but need Joseph’s expertise to put their plans into action, enhancing their income and savings.

Joseph’s network is vast, including trusted connections with banks, law firms, and accounting firms across the Northeast. These partnerships offer his clients access to resources they might not find on their own.